The Boston Celtics are looking to achieve basketball immortality. After going down 0-3 in their series against the Miami Heat, Boston has won two straight. The Celtics are looking to be the first team in NBA history to come back from a 0-3 deficit. While all of Massachusetts is rooting for the Cs, another player is hoping that they pull off this comeback: Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. Why? Well, on his podcast, it's because he hopes that would make people forget about their OWN playoff choke.

“Maybe I won’t have to hear about 3-1 anymore if this team comes back from 3-0… Much better story.”

If the Heat do blow this 3-0 lead against the Celtics, it would definitely be talked about in a lot of NBA circles. It would rank as one of the greatest chokes in NBA history. However… I'm not quite sure it would eclipse the Warriors' infamous blown 3-1 lead in 2016.

The reason is the magnitude of the situation. The Warriors' 3-1 choke happened in the Finals… with Golden State earning the best regular-season record in league history. In contrast, the Heat-Celtics series is just the Eastern Conference Finals… and the Heat came into the postseason as the eighth seed. It's still going to be a spectacular choke, but it would likely just come second to Golden State's blown lead.

Draymond Green and the Warriors are looking to bounce back after a supremely disappointing season. After winning the 2022 Finals, the team came out flat during their title defense run. They were able to get past the Sacramento Kings in the first round, but they were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round.