The Golden State Warriors pulled off a unique defensive strategy against the Phoenix Suns, including the team's best defender, Draymond Green.

As expected, the Warriors and the Suns did not fail to deliver on Christmas Day. The Dubs had a hot start, finishing the first quarter with 33 points, but what's more worth noting is the appointing of Draymond Green as Chris Paul's defender.

Over the years, Green has been putting the pressure on the opposing team's star players, but guarding a point guard like Chris Paul was something most hoops fans did expect.

Former NBA star Jamal Crawford even labeled it as a “chess move.”

“Draymond starting out guarding CP, talk about a chess move,” Crawford tweeted.

Providing a further analysis on the subject, former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy also barged in and raved about Green's versatility, hailing the Warriors veteran as “the most versatile defender” in the NBA right now.

“They play Draymond on point guards a lot,” Van Gundy commented. “His size gives them some trouble, but the big thing is it allows them to effectively switch 1-5 pick and rolls.

“Right now Draymond Green is probably the most versatile defender in the league and the Golden State Warriors are the most versatile defensive team in the league,” he added.

Green did not guard Paul the entire game, but the message the Warriors wanted to send surely made it through.

In the end, the Dubs took the W, beating the home team, 116-107. Stephen Curry led all scorers 33 points, while Green almost finished with a trouble — eight points, eight rebounds and 10 assists.