Warriors news: Draymond Green claims he hasn't been himself all season
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Warriors’ Draymond Green claims he hasn’t been himself all season

Draymond Green, Warriors

Draymond Green has been showered with criticism for his poor play this season, now owner of his worst offensive season since the start of the Steve Kerr era. The Golden State Warriors’ motor claimed he just hasn’t been himself all season and promised to make defenders pay once he finds his rhythm:

“Don’t worry about my defender, my defender is going to have to pay,” said Green. “Whatever action I’m in, I’m going to start lighting their a** up. And that don’t just mean scoring, by the way. I just ain’t really been doing me. I ain’t been playmaking like I can, I ain’t been scoring when I’ve got the opportunity, ain’t been rebounding like I can. I ain’t been defending — I just haven’t been myself.

“I think everybody’s just been looking at the scoring. I don’t really look at that. Yeah, I gotta be more aggressive on offense, but I just got to be me all around. I haven’t been that.”

Green then cited his infamous blowup with Kerr during the 2015-16 season, one that resulted in one of the most memorable comebacks in recent NBA history and one he affected without the need to put the ball in the basket:

“Everyone judging like, ‘Oh, he’s not shooting well.’ I think one of the best games of my career was when the blowup happened in OKC and I had one point and 17 rebounds, 16 assists. That was one of the best games of my career,” said Green. “I don’t need to score to completely annihilate a defense.

“Most people kind of think, ‘Oh, he’s gonna shoot better.’ Shots gonna fall when they fall. But I’ve completely destroyed defenses without shooting the ball. I have to be that person. When I’m that person, my shots will fall. That’s how I look at it.”

Green is one of the most versatile players in today’s NBA, and his offensive struggles have at times matched his diffused intensity at the defensive end, something that has been a constant for the entirety of his career.

If he can regain his edge, those attributes will slowly start to show once again and the numbers will come, whether it is by putting points on the board or doing the dirty work, as he has for the past few seasons.