Draymond Green and Kevin Durant may have had the most infamous clash that led to the latter's departure from the Golden State Warriors, but that doesn't mean Dray doesn't know what KD meant to the team.

Draymond recently appeared on a live episode of The Old Man and the Three podcast with JJ Redick. There he was asked about how the Warriors would have fared without Kevin Durant joining them in the summer of 2016.

Dray affirmed that without KD, they might not have had enough to beat LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers:

 “I don't think the outside world gave Kevin enough credit. I think if you came within our organization, Kevin was given all the credit. But the reality is, I don't think that team wins another championship if Kevin doesn't come. Now, you may say, ‘Oh, yeah, but you won the fourth one without Kevin.' But there's a gap in there where teams started to figure us out.”

When asked about if that same adage applied to James Harden's Houston Rockets, who served as Golden State's biggest threat in the Western Conference all those years, Dray played a different tune:

“Yeah, we was beating them for sure. That team was never going to beat us. It just was not going to happen,” said the Warriors star.

Draymond Green has been vocal about his disdain for those Rockets teams who Daryl Morey, the team's architect, said were constructed to “beat the Warriors”. Clearly that distinction hasn't sat well with the former DPOY to this day.