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Warriors’ Draymond Green explains how Kobe Bryant pulled him out of bad place

Kobe Bryant, Draymond Green, Warriors, Lakers

For Draymond Green, the 2016 NBA Finals was the lowest point in his career. After all, they were favored to win it all after snagging a historic 73-win season. Yet in the NBA Finals, they faltered despite being up 3-1. According to the Golden State Warriors forward, a conversation with Kobe Bryant pulled him out of the dark place.

Green shared that everyone around seemed intent on pulling him down. Media, critics, and NBA fanatics were hellbent on letting Green know that they choked. The former Defensive Player of the Year felt that his career was ‘caving in’ on him. But Bryant’s words pulled him out of it. Per Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Green shared what Bryant told him.

“Draymond, 99 percent of the world is okay with mediocrity. Or worse. But at best mediocrity. You’re chasing something so much bigger. And how do you ever expect everyone to understand you?”

Bryant served as a mentor to many up and coming NBA players. Green’s story is just one among the hundreds of anecdotes from those who have shared a conversation with the late basketball icon.

Sure, NBA players are the toughest competitors and they would want to get ahead of their foe every chance they get. But Bryant knew when to turn that competitive switch on and off. He knows that players like Green, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Jayson Tatum, Kawhi Leonard, and many others are the ones who’ll carry the torch of excellence for him.

As everyone has said, legends never die. Bryant’s words of advice have the capacity to affect everyone urgently and deeply.