Aside from the looming uncertainty surrounding the future of LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers also face the challenge of filling their coaching vacancy after Dan Hurley’s rejection. NBA Champions Draymond Green and Kevon Looney also shared their thoughts on the Lakers uncertain future.

In the most recent episode of The Draymond Green Show, Looney discussed the trending news about the Lakers and offered his perspective on the matter.

Draymond Green highlighting Hurley's intensity

Connecticut Huskies head coach Dan Hurley cuts down the cut after defeating the Purdue Boilermakers in the national championship game of the Final Four of the 2024 NCAA Tournament at State Farm Stadium in Glendale on April 8, 2024.
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Draymond Green began by highlighting Hurley's coaching style, drawing comparisons to his own college coach, Tom Izzo.

“I love Izzo to death, if Izz said some of the things to me today, that he said to me when I was 20, it wouldn’t work, it just wouldn’t work,” Green stressed.

He continued, “As a player that actually played for a coach very similar to Dan Hurley which is like super intense. He would tell us like, ‘You suck at basketball Draymond, you stink. Your mother can play better than you.”

Green then posed a critical question to Looney, asking, “Do you think that his intense style could translate to an NBA coach?” Looney promptly disagreed, advising Hurley to “adjust” and strike a balance, cautioning against being overly authoritative in the locker room. “You can’t just be a dictator in the locker room,” said Looney.

Dan Hurley's intense coaching style is influenced by his father, Bob Hurley, who was renowned for his passionate and often confrontational approach as a legendary high school coach. Bob Hurley's practices and games were marked by his frequent yelling and verbal tough love towards players.

Kevon Looney's perspective

The Lakers' relationship with Darvin Ham was especially strained, particularly with LeBron James as the centerpiece, causing challenges in team dynamics. The decision to part ways with Ham may have relieved immediate tensions but could potentially have long-term repercussions for the Lakers.

Kevon Looney’s college coach was Steve Alford, who played under Bobby Knight, arguably the most intense coach in college basketball history. In contrast, Looney’s NBA career has been shaped by Steve Kerr, one of the most mild-mannered coaches in the league, often considered a player's coach.

This diverse coaching background has provided Looney with a unique perspective on different coaching styles and their effectiveness at various levels of play.

Looney proposed a solution for handling Hurley's intense coaching style by suggesting a need for balance. He also brought up Steve Kerr's coaching approach, highlighting how Kerr values input from players alongside his firm coaching style. This blend allows players to express themselves while maintaining a structured environment.

“Sometimes you need to be collaborative like our film sessions. You (Draymond Green) might take over one day, or Chris Paul might take over… That will make our locker room special… the joy of knowing how to balance it out,” Looney continued.

Hurley has enjoyed a successful career with UConn, recently securing back-to-back championships. His intense coaching style suits the college environment, where younger players often thrive under such rigor.

However, transitioning to the NBA would require Hurley to moderate his approach, particularly when managing established superstars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Balancing his intensity while respecting the autonomy and experience of seasoned NBA players will be crucial if he took the NBA coaching gig.