Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green does have a history of kicking people during basketball games and his now teammate Marquese Chriss was actually one of his victims.

This, of course, made for one awkward encounter when Chriss joined the Dubs prior to the 2019-20 NBA regular season.

Back in his rookie year with the Phoenix Suns in 2016-17, the 22-year-old high leaper actually dislocated his finger while defending Green in their 138-109 loss to the Warriors.

Green was attempting for a 3-pointer and was fishing for foul when he managed to kick Chriss during the possession. Chriss was in visible pain after jamming his finger and had to leave the court shortly after.

Four years later, Chriss found himself looking up to Green now that they wear the same uniform. In an appearance on the Runnin' Plays Podcast on Sunday, the 6-foot-9 slotman opened up about his initial reaction upon being teammates with Green.

“It was surreal for me because, honestly. I didn't know whether he liked me or not,” Chriss admitted.

“He went up for a three and he was trying to draw a foul, and I backed up,” Chriss added. “And he tried to shoot it in his leg swung up and I put my hands behind my back and tried to move my hands out of the way, and his foot caught my pinkie, and it just dislocated my pinkie to the side.”

Chriss joins the likes of James Harden and Steven Adams, who have all been kicked by Green at one point in-game. He has since let bygones be bygones, but Chriss revealed that his mom is still not too fond of the controversial forward.

“My mom was mad,” Chriss said. “My mom holds a grudge… She was mad.”

Green's mentorship, meanwhile, has certainly had a positive impact on Chriss' resurgence for the struggling Dubs this season. He's been one of the few bright lights for the league-worst Warriors, notching 9.3 points and 6.2 rebounds in 59 games this season.