It was a heated affair on Saturday, as the Golden State Warriors hosted the Dallas Mavericks in the Chase Center. The contest eventually ended with the Mavs coming away with a lopsided 141-121 victory, but despite the blowout, the matchup was never short of action.

At one point, Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green’s trash talking appeared to have gotten under the skin of Mavs big man Kristaps Porzingis. The two had to be separated as things began to escalate, and perhaps to everyone’s surprise, even the injured Klay Thompson got involved in the shouting match from the bench. Green addressed the incident after the game, and admitted that seeing Thompson fired up was something he found to be amusing.

Green has been known to be one of the biggest smack talkers in the league, which is something that Porzingis obviously did not appreciate. The Warriors veteran bi ggetting into it with players on the opposing team is nothing new; as a matter of fact, this is something we’ve all gotten used to. It’s Thompson’s reaction that is quite unusual, given his laid back demeanor, coupled with the fact that he wasn’t even playing.

Nevertheless, Green’s smack talk did not appear to have worked in terms of distracting Porzingis from his task at hand. The 7-foot-3 big man was still able to produce an admirable effort against the Dubs, logging 18 points (on 6-of-12 shooting), four 3-pointers, seven rebounds, three assists, and four blocks in 26 minutes of play.

This was Golden State’s first defeat in the last five games, as this loss cuts short their mini resurgence. The Warriors, however, will be in action again on New Year’s eve against the San Antonio Spurs as they hope to return to winning ways.