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Draymond Green reveals shocking truth on being drafted by Warriors

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Draymond Green never thought he’d be drafted and play for the Golden State Warriors. Heck, he didn’t even expect to play in California!

In an AMA session on Bleacher Report, Green confessed that when he was thinking where he would end up with in the 2012 NBA Draft, he ruled out going to California. While he had his worries leaving Michigan, the former Defensive Player of the Year noted that he thought he’d be selected by the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls based on the talks he was hearing at the time.

“I’m a very deep thinker. When I was going through pre-draft, I was thinking about where I would go. For some strange reason, in a conversation with myself, I said ‘I know I won’t end up in the state of California,'” Green shared. “Ironically, I got drafted to the Warriors and it was the most mind boggling thing. I had never left the state of Michigan so I was extremely home-sick going out there. I thought I would go to the Heat or Bulls just because of what I was hearing during the draft process, but I didn’t think I would end up in California.”

Draymond Green was drafted 35th overall by the Warriors in the second round of the 2012 Draft. For what it’s worth, the Heat and Bulls had late first-round picks during that time–with Miami selecting 27th and Chicago picking at no. 29.

It’s hard to imagine how Green’s career would pan out had he been selected by the Heat or Bulls and the Warriors missed him. Dray would have been able to play with LeBron James with South Beach franchise, or with Derrick Rose in Windy City. Nonetheless, it is uncertain if he would have been as successful as he is with the Dubs.

After all, with Golden State, Green became a one-time DPOY winner, three-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Guess he should consider himself lucky for ending up in California!