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Warriors’ Draymond Green says pursuit of a 3-peat ‘won’t be perfect’

Draymond Green, Warriors

Despite the chaotic nature of this week around the Golden State Warriors, the pursuit of a three-peat remains the immediate goal of all players and coaches involved, regardless of the flammable nature of the locker room in recent days and what may happen at the end of the season.

Draymond Green, who played a major part in a caustic tirade that later forced him to make amends with Kevin Durant, noted the road will have plenty of bumps, but it wouldn’t be as special without them.

“It’s very special,” Green told Sam Amick of The Athletic about the prospect of a three-peat.“And no, it won’t be perfect. Not one championship we’ve won has been perfect. Ain’t no season perfect. It won’t be perfect, and that’s just the nature of the beast. But it’s a special thing to be on a run and to win three in a row, four out of five championships, which I think hasn’t been done since the ’60s. That’s a special thing, and we’re focused on making that happen.”

Green and Durant seemed to have a completely normal game playing alongside one another in a 21-point loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday, but they will need more than normal to notch another title in a reloaded Western Conference.

The Warriors are off to a 12-4 start to the season, but they have seen a recent skid, going 2-3 in their last five games after an eight-game winning streak to start the early part of the season. The West will be bumpy, but how bumpy this ride gets depends on how this team handles adversity and continues to zone in on the task at hand.