The GOAT debate is one that will wage on for ages. For Draymond Green, he has his pick between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

The Golden State Warriors talisman has LeBron as his greatest player of all-time and had his argument ready to prove it. In his latest appearance on Uninterrupted, Draymond was vocal on why King James should be crowned the Greatest of All Time:

“My top 5 is LJ 1, MJ 2, Kobe 3, Steph 4, Shaq 5,” said Draymond. “By 2005, LeBron was the best player in the NBA. In 2020, he was still the best player in the NBA. He was the best player in the NBA no matter what the game did. The game went from two slugs like slow big men to a stretch four big man, to like back to two big man to like no big man – and he's been the best no matter what.”

To Draymond, LeBron's ability to adapt to the ever-changing demand of the modern NBA sets him apart from any superstar the game has ever seen. The longevity of dominance with a growing skill set that went with the times made LeBron adaptable to the mid-aughts up until the pace and space era of basketball.

The crux of it all was also the competition LeBron faced – which, of course, comes with some bias from Draymond's side:

“When you look at the teams that LeBron has carried to championships or carried to the Finals. MJ didn't beat the greatest team ever assembled. Nor did he run up against the greatest team ever assembled every year,” Draymond continued.

Draymond Green has forged a friendship with LeBron James in recent years that goes beyond the game of basketball. But it doesn't diminish the facts he laid out as a valid argument for the Lakers star's claim to the throne.