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Warriors establish franchise’s largest lead after first quarter since 1991

Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Warriors

The Golden State Warriors erected a 43-17 score after the first quarter against the Chicago Bulls Friday night, setting a franchise mark for the biggest lead taken after a quarter since 1991.

This game against the Bulls proved to be a very easy win for the Warriors despite the defending champions dealing with their own struggles all season long.

For Chicago, it’s even more of a mess. Only a few weeks into the season, they fired former head coach Fred Hoiberg and promoted from within Jim Boylen, a former Gregg Popovich staffer. His offensive scheme completely differs from Hoiberg. The former was brought in to modernize the Bulls offense. To spread the floor with a four-out offense. Run and gun. Boylen prefers to slow it down, to post-up in the halfcourt. It hasn’t worked.

Even the Bulls players have gone against Boylen and even conspired to revolt against him at one point. Now with their antiquated offense on display every night, it seems like the organization is tanking away their season for a top draft pick.

The Warriors, on the other hand, will have the chance to trend upward soon. DeMarcus Cousins is coming back from injury. This will give head coach Steve Kerr more options to work with offensively and as far as his rotations go.