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Warriors GM Bob Myers takes playful jab at Kevin Durant

bob myers, kevin durant

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers provided his annual zing at the championship parade, this time making Finals MVP Kevin Durant his victim, as he was asked to double down on prior comments where he said he’d give the dynamic forward “everything he wants” when contract talks are up.

Myers: “Yeah, that was just for the media, he can’t have anything like that at all,” said Myers smiling. “Mid-level behind closed doors.”

Bob Fitzgerald: “Because I think last year you told Steph [Curry] he can have any contract he wants too.”

Myers: “Yeah, that was different. He’s been here from the way before days, he’s earned it.

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Fitzgerald: “And there ended the Warriors’ cohesion right there.”

Myers: “That was the first fissure.”

This Warriors bunch has been used to coach Steve Kerr and Myers’ often sarcastic approach throughout the season, and in a way expect a shot or two to be fired from the hip, as they have done in the last two parades.

Once Durant reels in the millions as the lone max-level star signing this offseason, Myers’ words will be far forgotten, having gotten the long-term security he’s sought out since first arriving in The Bay.