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Jonas Jerebko flops in terrible fashion vs. Pistons


Jonas Jerebko must be taking some acting classes. The Golden State Warriors forward seemed to apply the lessons he learned during their game against the Detroit Pistons. Watch the terrible flop below to see for yourself:

It is clear on the replay that Pistons guard Ish Smith did not make any contact with Jerebko, who shamelessly just fell on the floor for no apparent reason. On second thought, perhaps there was a reason – to get trick the refs that he got fouled on the play. Nonetheless, it looked like Jerebko just wanted to get the possession back to the Warriors, since they were on the comeback trail in their game against Detroit.

In the 2012-13 season, the NBA adopted an anti-flopping rule. Players are initially given a warning for their first infraction. However, succeeding instances can get players fines up to $30,000, depending on the occurrence. For Jerebko’s case, it still remains to be seen if the league office will look into this to hand out a punishment to the Swedish stretch big man, or give him a warning for what seems to be his first instance of flopping.

Nonetheless, this probably wasn’t the worst flop we’ve ever seen. It sure isn’t nearly as bad as this extremely atrocious Robert Horry flop on Carlos Boozer in the playoffs.

Nonetheless, Jerebko seems to be learning some new tricks up his sleeve. Perhaps he’s taking lessons from teammate Draymond Green, who is a pretty good flopper himself.

Jerebko seems to have found a home in The Bay Area. With Green out of action for around two weeks now, the former second round pick and 10-year veteran has been a steady rotation piece for the defending champions so far.