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VIDEO: Warriors’ Kelly Oubre Jr. gets in trouble with referee after flying kiss to Lakers

Warriors, Kelly Oubre Jr.

In a strange turn of events, Golden State Warriors swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. was slapped with a technical foul after blowing a kiss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Peep the clip below and decide if Oubre deserved a technical foul or not. NBA players taunt their foes almost every time. Reggie Miller certainly didn’t feel that Oubre’s kiss warranted a technical, though.

Be as it may, the flying kiss entertained several NBA fans, especially those who have developed an admiration for Kelly Oubre Jr. Several Warriors fans wished that the kiss would’ve been for them.

Meanwhile, some slammed the referees for being too soft. One pointed out that they were just jealous that Oubre didn’t give blow them a kiss.

It was a frustrating call for Oubre’s part, as he’s fond of such antics. Good for him, the Warriors completed a 19-point comeback to beat the reigning champions. He also recorded a season-high 23 points, to go along with four rebounds, two blocks and two steals. He shot 9-of-18 from the field and 2-of-8 from downtown.

From the looks of it, Oubre is getting comfortable with his new team. He struggled in the first few games with underwhelming shot percentages and low-IQ decisions. However, Monday’s big win could be a sign of great things to come for him and the Warriors.