Warriors news: Kevin Durant continues feud with FS1's Chris Broussard
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Warriors star Kevin Durant continues feud with FS1’s Chris Broussard

Warriors, Kevin Durant, Chris Broussard

Kevin Durant continued his ongoing beef with Fox Sports 1 personality Chris Broussard after the latter responded to an earlier claim where the Golden State Warriors forward challenged the idea that he is bothered by his team winning playoff games without him.

Broussard went on FS1’s Undisputed to explain the complexities of his relationship with Durant after the latter clapped back over Twitter.

“Here is some background on my relationship with KD. KD and I have what I call a love-hate relationship,” said Broussard on Wednesday. “I’m not trying to say we’re bosom buddies and we’re all that close, but we do have a relationship.

“We’ve texted for two, three hours straight about life, basketball, media, faith… KD has gone at me much harder privately. We make a living critiquing athletes. It would be hypocritical of us to not be able to take it.”

Durant quickly called Broussard on his claim, saying he doesn’t even have his cell phone number to begin with.

Broussard’s reputation has taken a hard hit since leaving ESPN, as well as his credibility — with Durant being only one of several players claiming not to be associated with him or his reports.

It wasn’t long ago that Durant was basking on the glory of playoff basketball and the deep analysis that goes into a series, which birthed the famed “I’m Kevin Durant” speech during the opening series against the L.A. Clippers.

Now only four wins away from a third straight NBA title, talk about his looming free agency has sparked flames again, which only has made Durant want to put a stop to the narrative.

While Durant has been the one that helped percolate this chatter surrounding his upcoming free agency decision, one can see why he would want to nip talk of a texting relationship with Broussard in the bud, considering there’s already plenty of hoopla about his future destination.