Warriors news: Kevin Durant has evolved into 'foodie' with Golden State
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Kevin Durant has evolved into ‘foodie’ with Warriors

Kevin Durant

Over the course of his career, Golden State Warriors small forward Kevin Durant has evolved tremendously. Initially, Durant used to be a promising young player in OKC that couldn’t fully dominate the game like he does now. In this season, Durant has become a dominating force on both offense and defense.

Durant’s uncanny ability to drain difficult shots, finish, and convert 3-pointers efficiently has garnered him universal acclaim around the NBA and the entire world for that matter. Durant has also improved remarkably on defense, averaging nearly two blocks this season. These abilities allowed Durant to take charge in the 2017 NBA Finals and deliver another championship for the Golden State Warriors, a series where he won the Finals MVP award.

Spending 10 seasons in Oklahoma City, Durant is now starting to get used to the Bay Area. He bought a house there and he has begun to associate with the symbolic attractions that the Bay Area has to offer.

That even includes the Bay Area’s unique cuisine experience, in which Durant has reportedly become fond of, according to Lisa Olsen of the Athletic.

A self-described foodie, his palate has greatly evolved from a Midwest diet heavy with chicken wings and bar food. On any given night when the Warriors aren’t playing, Durant is likely to be found in one of the city’s trendy restaurants, tasting food he might have looked at sideways just a few years ago. Where once he could barely maintain eye contact with folks off the basketball court — a childhood he has described as mostly friendless shaped his awkwardness as a young adult, and might be why he indulged the urge to create online burner accounts — he now pals around with Silicon Valley titans and is deep into constructing a tech empire of his own.

Kevin Durant


Venturing to new places will often change your diet. It appears that Durant has quickly ditched his modest eating habits in favor of the Bay Area’s most fabulous cuisines. It may be for the best, especially since Durant already confirmed that he will stay in Golden State for the foreseeable future.

It really helps that Durant’s teammate Stephen Curry’s wife also happens to be a world-class chef. Durant, who is known for having a passion for many peculiar things, could particularly take up cooking to quench his desire for delicious food.