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Warriors news: Kevin Durant posts apology for comments about India

Kevin Durant India

Kevin Durant took to Twitter to apologize for his comments about India during an interview with Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

The Golden State Warriors forward said the country was years behind in knowledge and experience, judging solely by his observations during his short visit.

“It’s a country that’s 20 years behind in terms of knowledge and experience. You see cows in the street, monkeys running around everywhere, hundreds of people on the side of the road, a million cars and no traffic violations. Just a bunch of underprivileged people there and they want to learn how to play basketball. That s*** was really, really dope to me,” Durant told said during the interview.

The one-time NBA MVP issued the following apology on Twitter for his comments about the country.

Durant put up 3,459 kids to train at the same time, making that a Guinness World Record for the largest basketball training session.

The 28-year-old also talked about his experience visiting the Taj Mahal — a place that proved to be an eye-opener for the Finals MVP, as it was built over 500 years ago.

During the interview, Durant expressed hopes to return to India in the future to visit other locations and teach more camps.