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Kevin Durant sees himself as a ‘legend’ in the Bay Area

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Kevin Durant considers himself among one of the legends in Bay Area lore. The Brooklyn Nets star won two championships and two Finals MVP trophies in his three years with the Golden State Warriors, which he’s deemed enough of a legacy to stamp himself as one of the greats to have passed by.

“It’s like a different culture. It doesn’t even feel like you’re in California. The Bay is like its own thing. I can’t even explain it,” said Durant. “I really felt like I stamped myself as a legend in The Bay. I’m not even comparing myself to guys that have won in the bay like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, but winning back-to-back in The Bay — that’s forever.”

Durant also acknowledged he will one day look back at his short tenure the Warriors as a great time, forecasting he will one day hit the links with Stephen Curry and reminisce of their glorious run for the three years he called The Bay home.

“I learned a lot about the game of basketball, I learned a lot about teamwork and camaraderie that I didn’t know,” said Durant. “…The respect I got for Steph and Klay. One day I’m gonna be playing golf with Steph at some point in my life… talking about these three years and that run we had in The Bay.”

As seen at the end of the Nets vs. Warriors game on Wednesday, there is clearly no grudges between Durant and his former teammates, coaches, or anyone in the organization.

“Everything that I learned in Golden State is always gonna be on the top of my mind when I’m talking basketball, no matter if I play there or not,” added Durant. “I just happened to want to play for another team.”