Warriors news: Klay Thompson admits it was tough to see Team USA struggle in FIBA World Cup
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Warriors’ Klay Thompson admits it was tough to see Team USA struggle in FIBA World Cup

Klay Thompson, Warriors, Team USA

Klay Thompson was forced to watch Team USA’s quest for gold at the 2019 FIBA World Cup from home, after tearing his ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals and needing surgery to follow. While others with much healthier summers turned down the option to play with Team USA, Thompson admitted it was tough to see the Americans struggle in competition:

“It was hard to watch us lose,” Thompson told Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. “Those guys, they sacrificed their summers for that. I’m not going to dog them for losing, though. The world is good.”

The perennial long-range sniper is hoping that upon recovering from the first major injury of his eight-year career, he will be able to take the floor with Team USA, a hope other elite-caliber players have expressed as well. From teammates Stephen Curry and Draymond Green to Western Conference rival Damian Lillard, many stars have been upfront about their aspirations to play with Team USA next summer, clearly favoring the 2020 Tokyo Olympics over the most recent competition.

Thompson’s predicament is tough, however, as a long postseason run would give him only days to rest before taking on this Olympic quest. Many players coming off major injuries are certainly wary of the toll they put on their bodies over an 82-game season and consequent playoffs.

The marksman would be fresher than most if he comes back in February, but chances are that he could wind up prioritizing his long-term health over hanging another Olympic gold medal around his neck.