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Klay Thompson explains why he doesn’t care about not getting ‘more love’

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson’s carefree nature has been just as vital to the Golden State Warriors as Draymond Green’s thunderbolt of energy at the defensive end — a yin and a yang for a team that needs both an even-keeled demeanor and a rampaging bull, willing to stomp anything in its way.

Many refer to him as “The Klay Thompson Experience,” a different breed than any other NBA player. Thompson has always played second fiddle in some way, a bass or rhythm guitar player in a band with a sensational solo guitarist and a crooner to go with him.

Klay Thompson


The marksman has been a steady 20-point presence for the last four years and shot 40 percent or more from distance throughout his career, yet remains the unsung hero of this Golden State team.

“I used to actually get upset. Man, I should get more love,” Thompson told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “Then I was just like… none of that stuff really matters. As long as you go out there and… you’ve got the best job in the world. You don’t need to get gratification from the internet, or social media.”

“Because you’ll never find it, first of all. And you’ll always find a lot of bad stuff. To me, as long as you play hard and have your dream job, shoot, I’ll take that. That’s all that matters to me.”

There’s an inner peace, a happiness within Thompson that reflects a sense of confidence, but also internal peace — like water that can inundate an entire city, but can be still and motionless, dangerous, but also harmless.

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Thompson is reportedly bound to wait until 2019, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent, to finally sign a deal with the Warriors. This disposition could send red flags, as he would enter that summer as one of the prime players to hit free agency, yet he’s been comfortable expressing his commitment to this Warriors team.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Don’t you want your own team? Don’t you want to go be a star?'” Thompson said. “Man, winning trumps all. This is the only franchise I’ve ever known. It’s not only about the individual accolades.

“Nowadays, because there’s so much star power in the NBA, the team aspect kind of gets lost. But I’d rather be on a team that can make an imprint on history. We’ve already made an imprint, but it can be even greater. That’s what drives me.”

Thompson could make as much as $188 million on a max five-year deal from Golden State in 2019, yet his unselfishness and approach to the game have proven priceless during this four-year run.