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Warriors star Klay Thompson goes full Captain Planet in explaining preferred mode of transportation

Warriors, Klay Thompson

There are few players like Klay Thompson. While the rest of the league is concerned with which car they’re going to be popping in with for the big game, the Golden State Warriors star would much prefer to arrive in his trusty bike. It’s become Thompson’s trademark and apparently, it has a lot to do with Klay’s desire to help save planet earth.

According to the Warriors shooting guard, one of the main reasons he bikes to work is in order to avoid the carbon emissions produced by cars:

“I like to limit my carbon footprint as much as I can, and the bike is a great way to stay sustainable,” Thompson said, via NBA on Twitter. “It’s just something really cool about biking by the Pacific and the boat harbors before you enter the arena. I just love being on a bike. It’s just, it’s the best.”

That’s very, very cool, Klay. Not too many players are vocal about their concern for Mother Nature, and even fewer are taking the initiative to actually act on this desire. Well, this is what makes Klay Thompson different. The Warriors star isn’t only talking about reducing carbon footprint, but he’s actually doing something about it.