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Klay Thompson isn’t bothered by the Warriors’ doubters

klay thompson

Klay Thompson was unbothered by the criticism surrounding the Golden State Warriors before the start of their postseason run, having gone a questionable 7-10 during the last stretch of the season, hindered by the absence of their leader, Stephen Curry, who is out with a Grade 2 sprained MCL.

Asked if he’s read any of the hoopla prior to Game 1 of the series, Thompson was his usual nonchalant self.

“No, because I don’t listen to them to be be honest,” he said after practice on Sunday, according to Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area. “It didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t even know that until you told me.”

“I do read the paper, but I read the box score mainly. I don’t really read people’s opinions. I know what to think myself.”

Thompson has proved laser-focused during the team’s first two postseason games, putting up 27 and 31 points, respectively — providing the much-needed spark from him as a high-caliber scorer.

Head coach Steve Kerr almost predicted his next outing

“Klay’s not gonna go 11-for-13 again, but he might go 12-for-13,” Steve Kerr joked on Sunday after Thompson’s Game 1 performance. “He’s smarter than he’s even been. He’s seen everything. I think he’s comfortable playing with KD and Steph…

He’s right in his prime physically, mentally. He’s at his best.”

His jump shot has been nothing but wet — making 12 of his 20 shots from the field in Game 2, despite attempting only two free throws since the start of the series.