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Klay Thompson too cool for cars, drives his boat to Warriors games

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Klay Thompson is on a whole different level. The Golden State Warriors sharpshooter always finds ways to make headlines even when he’s sidelined. Now, one-half of the Splash Brothers apparently has taken the moniker seriously and drives his own boat to Warriors games.

Yup, a boat. Because cars are just too unimaginative for Klay.

The interesting bit of trivia was disclosed by assistant coach Mike Brown in a recent sit-down with 95.7 The Game (h/t to NBC Sports).

“He’s driven his boat to a couple of games. Who drives their boat to a game? Klay Thompson.”

Brown said it was actually him who hooked Thompson up as he linked him with one of the bay-side restaurants in front of Chase Center. The restaurant has a port where Thompson docks his boat and conveniently walks across the street en route to the Warriors’ home games. That’s gotta be low-key one of the coolest ways to get to work, right? No traffic too!

Thompson has always been quite the interesting guy. The 31-year old has posted a ton of adventure content on his Instagram account to show how much he loves being in the sunny outdoors. The California native continues to be one of the most unique characters in the NBA and this recent discovery of him cruising across The Bay en route to Warriors games just adds to his growing legend.

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