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Warriors’ Klay Thompson would love to play in 2020 Olympics


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is a year away from happening. However, plenty of NBA stars are saying that they want to play for Team USA. One of the stars that will be joining the team if healthy is Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

The Athletic approached the injured guard and talked about the chances of him playing for the national team. His response was positive.

“I would love to play (for) Team USA,” Thompson said. “That is the plan. I would love to be on the Olympic team.”

He is not the only Warrior who wants in on the national team. Draymond Green said that he wants to play in the Olympics

“I do hope to play,” Green said, per CBS SF Bay Area. “I think a lot of guys will want to play. The schedule this year was a little treacherous with games in America, but also travel to Australia, which is why I think a lot of guys dropped out. It was just a lot and it leads up right into the season. I think you’ll see a lot of guys participating in the Olympics and I hope to be one of those guys.”

Stephen Curry also wants to get some playing time with Team USA:

“That is the plan for sure,” the two-time NBA MVP said. “You know, obviously knock on wood, you don’t want any injuries or things to interfere… (I) definitely want to go.”

Team USA remains at the top of the FIBA world men’s rankings despite a premature exit in the quarterfinals. The roster that went to China is strong, but they would have been unstoppable if the league’s biggest stars suited up in the summer.