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Matt Barnes, ex-Warriors players share hilarious Klay Thompson stories

Warriors, Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr, Matt Barnes

Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson has always been loved by fans, teammates, and players all around the NBA because of his laid-back personality. As of late, he is always seen cruising around in his boat with his dog alongside him.

The Athletic recently called up a dozen of Thompson’s teammates and former teammates to talk about him. Steve Kerr, Matt Barnes, Marreese Speights, and others shared some hilarious stories about the Warriors superstar.

Matt Barnes, guard: We had just won the Western Conference Finals. Everyone was enjoying everything, talking and eating and having a drink. And here’s Klay with two 9-year-olds at his locker, teaching them how to make paper airplanes and flying them across the locker room

Jarrett Jack, guard: Only Klay, man. Only Klay.

Marreese Speights, forward: We’d go to a city and he’d just hop off the bus and go to a CVS or Walgreens with a thousand people outside. He’d talk about his dog all the time. Or the Bahamas

The sweet-shooting Warrior does not care if you are his coach or teammate as he will treat you in the most Klay Thompson way possible.

Steve Kerr, coach: When I got the job, first thing I did was I called every player. Klay wasn’t responding to me. So I called Bob (Myers) and said, “Bob, I’m really worried that Klay, maybe he’s angry about the coaching change. He won’t call me back.” Bob just started laughing. He just said, “Welcome to Klay’s world.”

Lachlan Penfold, head of physical performance: All he wanted to do was shoot hoops and play with his dog.

Jerry DeGregorio, assistant coach: It’s impossible to know him and not love him.

We can see how Thompson is loved by his teammates as they say how good of a soul the Warriors star is.

Festus Ezeli, center: Because Klay is very, very … pure.

Barnes: Klay is just Klay. He’s like a national treasure

Thompson has not seen the NBA hardwood in two years. However, he continues to have a positive outlook on life as we always see on his social media account. Many people are rooting for the Warriors’ star on his NBA comeback since he suffered two career-threatening injuries in his ACL and Achilles.

The Warriors star is rumored to be back at some point in December. Dub Nation is clearly excited to have Thompson back shooting 3-pointers alongside Steph Curry.

The Warriors have missed the last two postseasons. However, with a revamped squad and Thompson coming back, Golden State will look to contend for the title this season.