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One Draymond Green encounter Warriors guard Mychal Mulder will never forget

Mychal Mulder Draymond Green Warriors

Draymond Green has and always will be the most fiery player in Golden State Warriors history. The outspoken forward speaks his mind at all times, but always commands respect when doing so.

His Warriors teammate Mychal Mulder recounted his own experience being on the receiving end of one of Draymond Green’s infamous blow-ups.

Via NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I don’t know if it was the first time, but one that stands out is I didn’t shoot the ball,” Mulder said to Grant Liffmann and Kendra Andrews on the Dubs Talk podcast. “I’m pretty sure he went swing, swing — I was in the corner, I pump-faked and that’s a sin right there to Draymond. He basically was barking at me on the way back down the floor. Talking about ‘Don’t get trigger shy’ or whatever he said.

“I think I had missed a shot prior and then I didn’t shoot the second one, and that set him off a little bit.”

While nobody enjoys being yelled at, Mulder was adamant that it was something he needed to hear. While he doesn’t indicate when exactly that instance occurred, he definitely took it to heart during actual Warriors games.

In just over 12 minutes of action, Mulder let it fly from the three-point line 3.6 times per game. That amounts to over 10 attempts had he been playing a starter’s load of minutes. His aggression was warranted too, given that he shot just under 40% from distance for the Warriors last season.

“That kind of speaks into the type of leader he is, ya know what I mean?” Mulder said. “It wasn’t like he was yelling at me to degrade me. It was totally to uplift me and show he has the utmost confidence in me and it was really helpful. The next time down, I’m pretty sure I let it go.

Draymond Green isn’t worried about being liked. He just wants his teammates and the Golden State Warriors to be better, and all of them respect him for that.