Warriors news: Patrick McCaw doesn't think Vince Carter's foul was intentional
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Patrick McCaw doesn’t think Vince Carter’s foul was intentional

Patrick McCaw

The Golden State Warriors saw one of the scariest injuries occur on Saturday night when guard Patrick McCaw fell hard on his back after being undercut by Sacramento Kings’ guard Vince Carter.

After the incident, a clearly teary-eyed Carter gathered around with players from both sides to pray for McCaw.

McCaw was taken to a hospital later that night, where Chest x-rays, CT scan, and MRI’s were all clear, and preliminary reviews inidicated tht McCaw has suffered no structurla injury or neural disruption, per Warriors PR.

McCaw was later released from UC Davis Medical Center, and on Monday afternoon, tweeted out his thanks to everyone for their support, including a little message for Vince Carter.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! God definitely is watching over me, I’m blessed beyond measure! @mrvincecarter15 I know you didn’t mean to harm me in any way! To my coaches, teammates, friends and family I love you guys so much for being there with me!!!

There has been much controversy about whether or not Carter intended to undercut McCaw, with (surprise) the majority of Warriors fans thinking Carter did do it intentionally. However, every Warriors player and coach says there’s no way Carter intended to do that, having made his career off high-flying dunks and never being known as a dirty player.

McCaw is now set to see a specialist for what the team is now calling a lumbar spine contusion. He has no timetable to return, but everyone I surely glad he avoided a serious injury.