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Shaquille O’Neal doubles down on destroying Draymond Green if he guarded him

Warriors, Draymond Green, Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal has no problem with Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. He just does not believe Green would stand any chance of guarding him, especially in his era.

Dray previously said during an appearance on Showtime’s “All The Smoke” podcast that he and Warriors point guard Stephen Curry would have caused Shaq tons of problems in pick-and-roll.

O’Neal acknowledged that Green made valid points, citing the fact the the Warriors forward was speaking specifically about guys like Shaq playing in the modern era. However, he also said he would have “torn” Green up on the block.

“I like Draymond. I like guys that voice their opinion,” O’Neal said on The Big Podcast, via Charles Curtis of USA TODAY. “I try not to get personal with guys. I like him, I like the way he plays. You have to listen to his points. He made good, key points. He said in their era. He didn’t say in my era … In my era, [the Warriors] would have been the six or seven seed. You had us, you had San Antonio, you had the Utah Jazz, you had Portland, you had White Chocolate and C-Webb [in Sacramento].

“But again, it’s his opinion. I try not to get personal with people’s opinions. But however, Mr. Draymond, like you said, I would’ve torn your ass up on that block.”

Of course, not many players in any era could have guarded Shaq in the low post. He is arguably the most dominant offensive force in the history of the game.

While Green might have a point about how the Warriors could exploit Shaq in pick-and-roll in today’s game, these exercises seem fruitless. Basketball is such a different game, which is why it is so hard to compare players across eras.

Not that Draymond cares though.

Draymond Green has already gone at Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal joins the list as well. However, Dray should not expect “The Big Diesel” to go quietly without getting his say first.