With three-time NBA champion Shaun Livingston opting to call it a career this summer after 14 years in the NBA, the former fourth overall pick's recent announcement has prompted some heartwarming tributes for Livingston and his inspiring journey in the league.

So much so, that Livingston himself admitted to feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the praise he has been getting from within and around the NBA.

“For people to say the things they have, it was a humbling moment for me,” says Livingston, via Joe Henricksen of the Chicago Sun Times. “It really was humbling and caught me off guard. To see all this come back like it has, it let me know that I made an impact in the right way, and it’s something I can be proud of.”

As we all know, one of the most significant events in Livingston's career is when he came back from a potentially career-ending knee injury early on in his career. The odds were stacked against the 6-foot-7 combo guard, but Livingston used his resolve and determination to resurrect his almost non-existent career.

Livingston went on to say that he would not have achieved what he has had it not been for the unwavering support and guidance of the people who helped him throughout his career.

“But I had some great people along the way who shaped and molded me into the player I became and taught me to play the right way, prioritize the right things,” he said. “There were some great veterans who I learned so much from and who helped make me the best I could be as a player.”

The Golden State Warriors waived Livingston this summer as part of their team overhaul. The 34-year-old veteran took this as an opportunity to quit while he was ahead, and while he will definitely be missed, we wish Shaun all the best for his life in retirement.