Steph Curry talks Woodergate, says the NBA needs to be a safe place
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Steph Curry talks Woodergate, says the NBA needs to be a safe place

Steph Curry

When the report came out from The Ringer about Bryan Colangelo having burner accounts and using them to bash players on his own team, it ruffled some feathers around the league.

Burner accounts have been a known thing around the all major sports, but using them to bash players seems to be a knew thing.

It quickly became a scandal and even got its own name, Woodergate. Woodergate sounds like a weird thing to name it and doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the actual scandal but it really does. Wooder is making fun of how people from Philadelphia say water, hence the name Woodergate.

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry was asked about the scandal by Rachel Nichols of ESPN, and he said in wake of the scandal, the NBA needs to make sure it’s a safe space for everyone.

“I walked up to Bob Myers and told him I need to confiscate all his phones… Nah, you want to make sure the NBA is a safe place for everybody.”

Curry made a joke about his general manager having burner accounts, but in all honesty, this is a very serious situation.

It’s one thing for a coach or a general manager to call out a player in a press conference or interview in hopes of motivating the player,

It’s another thing to use an account that no one knows is the person to bash players and release personal medical information.

This situation is probably going to get uglier, before it gets any better.