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Stephen A. Smith believes Stephen Curry is the top leader in sports

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Stephen Curry, Warriors, Stephen A. Smith

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently gave his take on who he believes are the top five leaders in sports. On “First Take,” the TV analyst elected to go with Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry at the top of his list.

This is what Stephen A. had to say about the three-time NBA champion:

“Who is the person that got Kevin Durant to come to Golden State? Who is the person that took a step back and made the sacrifices for the team? Steph Curry, what is his greatest gift? It’s not just about shooting. It’s his selflessness, unselfishness, The fact that he’s willing to give and to share the wealth because it ain’t all about him — that’s what the bottom line is with Steph Curry.”

This may not be a popular choice given how the Warriors have taken a mighty fall from the mountaintop.

Nevertheless, Smith made a great point when he explained why Curry is still the kind of leader all teams should desire to have. Curry is as selfless as they come and only cares about what the entire team achieves.

Curry, coming off a unanimous MVP season but failing to win the championship in 2016, fully embraced the arrival of Kevin Durant to the Warriors. It takes a lot of humility for a two-time MVP to accept another superstar into the fold.

Of course, as history has written out, the Warriors eventually won two championships with Durant on board. Curry, for his sacrifices, failed to capture any Finals MVP awards in each of their title wins in 2016-17 and 2017-18. Durant won both of them.

However, the desire for individual awards isn’t in Stephen Curry’s DNA. All that mattered to him during that run was winning the two Larry O’Brien trophies to add to his hardware collection.