Much has been said about Stephen Curry and how the Golden State Warriors icon changed the NBA game as we know it. His influence has younger generations patterning their game after the sweet-shooting point guard, and we're seeing that more and more as the years go by.

One young hooper in particular caught the attention of Stephen Curry himself. The young kid, who couldn't be more than 10 years old, showcased the entire arsenal wielded by the Warriors star. From the sick handles and long-range bombs, to his airy floaters and even his jersey number, Stephen Curry has found his mini-me.

The Warriors star even reacted to the clip, giving props to the youngster for looking like a walking bucket, just like Steph.

“😂😂😂 He really took the entire 💼, and then some 🌶🌶🌶”

When an NBA superstar is paying respect to your game, you know you're doing something right. Someone from the Warriors scouting department better keep an eye on the kid. Steph Curry can't play forever.

Warriors fans can only hope Stephen Curry also balls out once again next season. He posted a career-high scoring average this past season, and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.