Warriors news: Stephen Curry on death threat Draymond Green received
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry on death threat Draymond Green received

Stephen Curry

The internet is a foul place sometimes, as the Golden State Warriors recently learned when a Twitter user hurled a death threat at Draymond Green recently. But Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors have Green’s back, per Mark Medina of the Mercury News.

“People behind screens…saying what they wanna say,” Curry said, “it’s been like that since social media existed. But you hope it doesn’t infringe upon the sanctity of the sporting arena.”

After a particularly good game from Green in a recent playoff win over the New Orleans Pelicans, a Louisiana-based comedian tweeted that he hoped Green would get shot leaving the arena. He later apologized for the tweet and somewhat blamed his impulse on being a frustrated sports fan. It appears he deleted his account more than once during the aftermath of his initial tweet.

Klay Thompson also voiced his opinion on the comedian’s tweet, per Medina.

“That was uncalled for,” Thompson said. “That was pathetic, honestly.”

What happened to Green unfortunately happens all across social media practically every second of every day. People who can’t be held accountable much online can say whatever they want, and at times the words they tweet can be really hurtful and even dangerous.

Comedian or not, the words the person tweeted toward Green were disgusting and should not be tolerated. It’s great to see Green’s teammates come to his defense. At the same time, they’re not giving much credence to the offender, which they shouldn’t do anyway.

The unfortunate reality is that Twitter is a place where people can speak their minds, and it’s their freedom to do so. But hopefully something can be done in the future about allowing celebrities to better filter out particularly hateful messages.