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Warriors star Stephen Curry reacts to Damian Lillard’s clutch heroics

Warriors, Blazers, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is at a loss for words after watching Damian Lillard revive the Portland Trail Blazers back from the dead not once but twice.

In the crucial Game 5 between the Blazers and Denver Nuggets, Lillard banked the game-tying 3-pointer to send the contest to overtime. After Denver took a huge lead to start the extended period, it looked like it was over for Dame Time and Co.

Unsurprisingly, Lillard didn’t give up and willed his team back. In the closing seconds of OT1 with the Nuggets ahead 135-132, the 30-year-old star took matters into his own hands once again. What ensued is a product of pure magic, as the Blazers star pulled off a spin-move, step-back three for the tie and second overtime.

Here is Stephen Curry’s reaction, with the Warriors sharpshooter simply in awe of Damian Lillard:

Unfortunately for the Warriors guard and the Blazers fans watching the game, Lillard’s heroics are not enough to complete revive the Blazers in the game. The Nuggets eventually closed it out in OT2, 147-140.

Still, Dame should be commended for what could be said as a truly brilliant effort. He ended up the night with a game-high 55 points on an ultra-efficient 17-0f-24 shooting. He added six rebounds, 10 assists and three blocks in an all-around effort. Even Brooklyn Nets forward and Curry’s former Warriors teammate Kevin Durant called the display “god mode.”

Indeed, this is the kind of stuff that makes legends.