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Warriors star Stephen Curry reveals Sesame Street shoe collection you never expected

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has recently released a new sneaker collection with Under Armor, and it took inspiration from a unique source. Curry’s latest shoe collection is based off of the popular kids series Sesame Street, with seven different colorways inspired by various characters in the Sesame Street universe

The Warriors point guard, who is a proud father to three children, revealed why he did this collaboration with the kids show. Per Vibe.com:

“Curry Brand and Sesame Street, we preach the same message. It’s about supporting all kids, especially those in underserved communities who are looking for an opportunity to be their best selves.”

Curry then further elaborates on what the message of his new shoe line is.

“This collection is an opportunity for people to use their imaginations a little bit. You can really show your personality through the way that you play. I love to be creative on the court, try new things, and show different sides of myself. The Sesame Street characters prove that everybody belongs in the world of play.”

This isn’t the first time that Stephen Curry has collaborated with Sesame Street. In March this year, Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha guest-starred on the show to promote healthy breakfast habits to children. It just goes to show how dedicated the Warriors star is to being an inspiration to children around the globe.

As Curry stated in his press release, the sneaker line aims to inspire hoopers and children to be more imaginative in their life. The Warriors’ star has been defined by his creative improvisation throughout his career. Heck, one of his most famous plays involve him weaving through multiple defenders on the fly before firing a signature off-balance three (much to the chagrin of Warriors coach Steve Kerr). Curry’s shoe collection is a message of inspiration to kids everywhere: that they can be whatever they want to be.