After finally winning his first-ever Finals MVP trophy this season, you could say that Stephen Curry has now done it all in the NBA. As it turns out, however, the Golden State Warriors superstar believes that there’s still one thing missing from his trophy cabinet.

Speaking to the crowd during the Warriors’ championship parade on Mondy, Curry revealed that he’s still looking to add an Olympics gold medal to his list of achievements:

“No, I’m not good yet,” Curry said, via Warriors on NBCS on Twitter, “because I gotta go play for coach Kerr in ’24 in Paris.”

The crowd started cheering as Curry basically committed himself to Team USA for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Even coach Kerr could not hold back his delight as he heard the statement from his Warriors star.

Curry, however, was quick to clarify his statement by saying that he isn’t all set just yet:

“That wasn’t that I’m gonna do it, it’s just what he said,” Curry stated as he pointed at Kerr with a laugh.

Curry is going to be 36 in 2024 and there’s no denying that he’ll likely be in the twilight of his career by then. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Warriors star still has that vision in mind, so it just feels like we’re going to get a Team USA appearance from the greatest shooter of all time in 2024.