Warriors news: Stephen Curry scoffs at notion Golden State may not make playoffs
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Stephen Curry scoffs at notion Warriors may not make playoffs

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Things have certainly changed for the Golden State Warriors as they prepare for the 2019-20 NBA season. They were the overwhelming favorite to defeat the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, but injuries to Kevin Durant and (eventually) Klay Thompson ultimately hindered any chance that the Warriors would complete a historic three-peat.

With Durant leaving the team in free agency and Thompson likely out until February or March, questions have arisen about Golden State’s standing in a Western Conference that will be far tougher next season. But Stephen Curry is incredulous to the idea that the Warriors will miss out on the playoffs, not even responding to the question posed to him by Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic:

Are the Warriors making the playoffs?

He was almost through the word “facts” when he realized it was a question and not a statement. Suddenly, his calm expression disappeared. His face scrunched and his voice elevated above a whisper, adding a shriek for emphasis.

“What?!” he said, playfully agitated by the sheer audacity of the question. “What?!”

Curry walked away, exiting the headspace of the coming NBA season, where doubt and uncertainty are pointed at his team, and re-entered the beautiful struggle of golf.

The arrival of Durant in Golden State and the questions surrounding his future with the team sometimes made Curry seem like somewhat of an afterthought, though he has always been the fan favorite. He is also still a two-time MVP and one of the most transformative point guards in NBA history.

Golden State did not merely stand pat in the offseason, either. They brought back Kevon Looney, traded for Omari Spellman and made a huge move to acquire D’Angelo Russell.

The new-look Warriors will certainly face an uphill battle, but they are wholly capable of reaching the playoffs, even in a crowded Western Conference.