Warriors news: Steve Kerr acknowledges he's doing 'a lot more teaching' this season
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Warriors’ Steve Kerr acknowledges he’s doing ‘a lot more teaching’ this season

Steve Kerr

It wasn’t long ago when the Golden State Warriors were dominating the league, terrorizing opponents on a nightly basis as they made their way to three NBA championships and five straight appearances in the NBA Finals.

However, this season is way, way different.

The Warriors are dead last in the Western Conference with a 2-9 record and with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson potentially sitting out the rest of the year, head coach Steve Kerr has to be extremely patient, especially since more than half of the members of the roster are either newcomers or youngsters,

Kerr said that unlike the past five seasons, he has to teach the basics of his system to most of his players, and he has to do it a lot, per New York Times’ Scott Cacciola.

“The real challenge was figuring out how we were going to play, Because on the one hand, we didn’t want to go too far away from what’s been good for us for five years. On the other, we were trying to blend in all these young, new guys into a system that was pretty complex.”

Kerr added it’s not easy for younger players to grasp his system, so he and the rest of his coaching staff are doing everything they can to make things easier for everyone.

“As a coaching staff, we realized we couldn’t stick with these concepts because they were too intricate. So let’s simplify our offense and let’s run three or four things over and over again, get these young guys comfortable, teach them how to play N.B.A. defense and see what we can do.”

Golden State is no longer a superteam that’s feared around the league. Right now, they’re in the midst of a semi-rebuild. But everyone on the team is doing their best to remain competitive.

And for Kerr, that’s the most important thing right now.