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Steve Kerr didn’t know LeBron James was injured after Game 1

lebron james, steve kerr

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr joined ESPN’s Zach Lowe in his podcast, The Lowe Post for some post-championship chatter, which included the “leak” following the Warriors’ sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Shortly after a rousing 23-point win, reports of LeBron James punching a whiteboard after a frustrating Game 1 that slipped through the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fingertips ran rampant, as James showed up to his post-game presser with a soft cast in his shooting hand.

Lowe: “Did you guys have any idea about LeBron [being injured following Game 1]?

Kerr: “No. Didn’t have any clue. It kind of caught me off guard after the last game when people started coming up to me and telling me he was in a cast and all that. He kept it quiet.”

The “leak” came with a bonus explanation of why James had decided to keep his injury under wraps (no pun intended), wearing his cast only when outside the press’ view and how he didn’t want that storyline to become an excuse for getting swept out of The Finals.

Yet James was effervescently showing off his cast during his post-game availability, even stopping mid-sentence to show it off to media present, and speaking of how the injury took place.

James was seen pumping his right fist after scores in Game 2, as well as giving normal handshakes to his kids and family after Game 4, suggesting it is rather a staged leak than an actual true chain of events.