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Warriors’ Steve Kerr gets real on interest in replacing Gregg Popovich as Team USA coach

Steve Kerr, Warriors, Gregg Popovich, Team USA, Olympics

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr just wrapped up a stint as a Team USA assistant coach for Gregg Popovich at the Tokyo Olympics. After a shaky start, Team USA won gold with a victory over France, sending a wave of relief over Pop, Kerr and all of USA Basketball.

Popovich will likely be retired by the time the 2024 Paris Olympics roll around, leaving a void for that head coaching spot. Kerr would surely be a candidate for the gig given his experience, but would he want it?

The Warriors head man talked about it to The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami: 

Of course I’d be interested. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I’ll leave it at that. I have no idea how it will all transpire; there are a lot of great candidates out there. And if I were to be considered, that would be an honor.

If Kerr coaches in 2024, he could be coaching his own star player in Stephen Curry. The Warriors superstar opted against playing in the Tokyo Olympics after a grueling NBA season in which he put the team on his back, only to fall short in the play-in tournament.

Curry recently spoke about his desire to get that elusive gold medal, and he should have a spot on the roster if he wants it. That will be especially true if Kerr winds up being the coach. Curry will probably be a worthy candidate at that time anyway, but there’s no way Kerr would pass up the chance to coach Curry in the Olympics.