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Warriors’ Steve Kerr recalls hilarious autograph request by young Klay Thompson


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr still recalls the moment his soon-to-be player Klay Thompson asked for his autograph.

Reminiscing on his days with the Chicago Bulls, Kerr recalled when the young Warriors shooting-guard-to-be asked for his John Hancock:

Via the Runnin’ Plays podcast:

“I looked at him, I remember the moment really well. He walked up and he said, “Hey, Mr. Kerr, can I have your autograph?” I said, “Scram, kid. I got more important places to be.

“I can’t be bothered with stuff like this, son. Go talk to those guys over there.”

Kerr is obviously being sarcastic here, but it’s actually impressive he remembers the Warriors two-guard back as a youngster asking for his autograph.

Thompson is not only the son of Mychal Thompson, who Kerr played against during his NBA career, but he’s also the nephew of film director Andy Thompson, who followed the Bulls 24/7 during that 1997-98 season — a project that eventually became ESPN’s docu-series “The Last Dance.”

Young Klay likely wasn’t short of that access and it’s no surprise he would seek the autograph of a fellow sharpshooter like Kerr.

The Bulls of that time were signing lots of autographs as The Beatles of basketball during that era. While Michael Jordan was the general subject of masses, guys like Kerr and other substitute players also got their share of attention from the fans.

Maybe Thompson should return the favor here and tell the Warriors coach “scram” once Kerr comes knocking for a pair of signature Antas, just to pay it forward.