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Steve Kerr reveals what he woke up thinking this morning

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has had the luxury of taking his team all the way since the start of his short coaching career. A fourth time around, Kerr is seizing the moment, the stage in which he’s been able to play — the same which 28 teams every year wish they were, competing for hardware, glory, and bragging rights.

The 52-year-old coach took some time to explain what this opportunity meant to him, waking up this morning to a moment of clarity.

per Melissa Rohlin of the San Jose Mercury News:

“You know you don’t have a lot of opportunities like this in life,” an inspired Kerr reflected. “And we’ve been incredibly blessed to be in this position the last few years. We’ve felt both sides of the equation, winning and losing. We’re in a great position. So, don’t mess around, let’s go play our best game. That’s what I woke up thinking. That and I’m going to have two eggs over-medium for breakfast.”

Despite the long road to the NBA Finals and the toll it takes on the players, coaches, and executives to reach that point again year after year, the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been fortunate to reach that stage so consistently.

Teams often lose sight of that, as it can become a rather business-like approach — but Kerr will ensure this team enters Game 4 laser-focused, with a chance not only to put this series away for good, but make history in the process.