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Steve Kerr says Golden State ‘playing with house money,’ but wants team to go all-out

Warriors, Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors will attempt the pursuit of the very elusive threepeat this season, a daunting concept, but one head coach Steve Kerr and company have been willing to take head-on.

Kerr was part of a threepeat himself with the Chicago Bulls as a player, an experience which has helped him navigate this rather rare opportunity to bring three championships in a row to the city of Oakland.

“There’s no formula for this stuff. You just try to feel it as a coach,” said Steve Kerr, according to Dieter Kurtenbach of The San Jose Mercury News. “I’m usually pretty frank with you guys, with the players. So I didn’t want to come in last year and sugarcoat it and say this is all going to be real easy. I knew exactly what they were facing, having gone through a similar experience as a player,” Kerr said. “I thought last year we made it through. It was a grind and we won.”

This time around, the Warriors will have their share of challenges without one of their vital veteran voices in David West and without their biggest addition of the offseason in DeMarcus Cousins, who could miss a few months before seeing the court.

The Warriors were plagued with injuries at the end of the regular season and somehow managed to keep the ship afloat despite failing to clinch the No. 1 overall seed for the first time in four seasons. This 2018-19 season will bring a new set of challenges, but as a relaxed group of guys indicated in Media Day, there’s no longer the pressure to prove this team can get it done.

“We are playing with some house money… Our place in the history of the league is pretty secure,” Steve Kerr said. “I don’t think our guys should feel a ton of pressure. I think they should feel the importance of trying to do it again, because this may be the last time we have this current iteration of the Warriors, just given all the free agents and the money crunch and everything else.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. So why not just go all out and enjoy every step of the way?”

Golden State will face its share of chemistry kinks by adding Cousins, a player that has been in the top-four in usage rate for the past five seasons. The Warriors will have to adjust to Cousins, and so will Cousins to his new team — likely bringing plenty of headaches and satisfactory moments along the way.

If this team is to complete the threepeat, they will have to turn that house money into sure money after taking down a murderer’s row of Western Conference opponents throughout the postseason.