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Steve Kerr subscribes to Phil Jackson’s philosophy about calling timeouts


The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a challenging matchup against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference semi-finals, but although they’re leading the series 2-0, it’s still too early to celebrate.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows that the Rockets won’t go down without a fight, especially since they are led by one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the league, Mike D’Antoni.

Games 1 and 2 of the series have been close, and one of the most noticeable things about the series is the fact that both Kerr and D’Antoni seldom call timeouts, even during crucial situations. They allow their players to get the job done on the floor rather than discuss things in a huddle.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Michael Pina, Kerr said that his mentality with regards to calling timeouts is derived from his former coach, Phil Jackson.

“It’s good for a team to get itself out of a ditch instead of relying on a timeout and grumbling at each other. Let’s communicate, get all five guys [working] together and execute a play. And if they can do that on their own, it’s very empowering.”

Kerr played for five seasons under Jackson’s Chicago Bulls during the 90s, winning three titles in that span. Phil would oftentimes allow his players to figure things out on the floor, even if they’re down by double digits, and of course, we all know that they have responded well to that type of coaching style.

Plus, they had Michael Jordan.

Just like Jackson’s Bulls, Kerr’s Warriors are loaded with talent. They have Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, three of the 15 best players in the league right now. They have won championships together, so they know how to play as a unit.

Kerr doesn’t need to call a timeout to tell these Warriors what to do, as experience have taught them to respond well in almost every situation.

And that is why they’re the two-time defending champions.