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The first 2 things Klay Thompson said after surgery will leave you in tears

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Klay Thompson is still going through rehab from a torn ACL. But even after leaving Game 6 of the NBA Finals with one of the worst feelings in the sporting world, the Golden State Warriors sniper still found ways to amaze those close to him in the immediate aftermath of his surgery.

Thompson tore his ACL on June 13, but didn’t undergo surgery until July 2, coinciding with Stephen Curry’s son’s birthday.

Following his surgery, Thompson’s first thoughts were not about his pain or his recovery, or how long it would take for him to get back on the court — they were about others.

Thompson’s mother, Julie, recalled his son’s first words as a guest of Sonya and Dell Curry’s podcast Raising Fame.

Transcript via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“After Klay’s surgery — you know how you wake up and you’re kind of out of it? He goes, ‘Hey mom — it’s Canon’s birthday today,” said Thompson. “He turned one.”

“And then he goes, ‘I can’t believe Andre is not gonna be a Warrior. I’m gonna have to post something about that.’ Those were the two things that he said. It was very special at the time.”

Thompson’s unselfishness and genuine camaraderie are virtues that are hard to come by in the world, let alone the basketball court.

Despite having a daunting recovery process ahead of him, the sharpshooter’s thoughts were with his backcourt partner Curry and his now-former teammate Andre Iguodala. Iggy had to be traded in order to acquire D’Angelo Russell in the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade. The veteran was ultimately dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies and is now on the Miami Heat.

The Warriors sharpshooter might not be ripping nets on the court quite yet, but he’s surely making it rain in the hearts of his current and former teammates. Godspeed, Klay.