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The real reason Warriors made Andrew Wiggins-D’Angelo Russell trade

Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO — The Golden State Warriors are getting closer to full strength. Klay Thompson is progressing on schedule and should make his return during the early part of the season. That means the Dubs will finally see a pairing of Thompson and Andrew Wiggins together for the very first time.

“Wigs (Andrew Wiggins) is one of those guys who can fall out of bed and get 18 points just because of his ability to run the floor and get easy buckets and all that stuff,” Steve Kerr told ClutchPoints.

Thompson is the same way. It doesn’t take a lot to get him involved in the offense. Like Stephen Curry, he is a master without the ball and is constantly moving around the court. If he’s open, he shoots the ball. If not, he keeps the ball going. Thompson’s game is that simple and that’s why he will fit in just fine with the Warriors when he returns. Klay fits with Wiggins’ more defensive profile, giving versatility and balance to the lineup and providing complementary roles on the roster. Steve Kerr spoke to this larger point as the Dubs prepare for another run at a championship.

“Honestly, the main reason we brought Wigs here (to the Warriors) was to be a versatile defender because that’s what we missed most on the roster,” Kerr said.

Last season Wiggins said he would like to be known as an elite defender. If he’s able to trend towards becoming a top defender in the NBA, the Warriors will be tough to beat this season. His ability to score and shoot the three are just bonuses.

Getting a healthy Klay Thompson with an improving defender in Andrew Wiggins will be huge for the Warriors. It would be one of those rare occasions where you get to have your cake and eat it too.