Klay Thompson is nearing his highly-anticipated return for the Golden State Warriors this season. While it remains to be seen how much of the old Klay we'll see, most experts are optimistic that he'll still be able to play at a high level.

The Warriors star suffered two consecutive injuries in a row, a torn ACL in 2019 and a torn Achilles' tendon in 2020, wiping out two entire seasons of his career. According to Dr. Jonathan Kapla, a foot and ankle surgeon with the Hoag Orthopedic Institute, the order at which his injuries occurred has actually helped him tremendously.

USA Today interviewed several medical experts such as Kaplan to weigh in on Klay Thompson's recovery and just what exactly Warriors fans can expect from their sharpshooting guard.

“I think it would be harder for a player to come back from rupturing their Achilles first and then tearing their ACL second as opposed to how Klay’s injury was,” Kaplan said of the Warriors star. “The Achilles tends to be the harder injury to come back from, tends to take a lot more rehab from and can be set back by a knee injury. Because Klay tore his Achilles tendon last, it gives him more time to recover and gives him a better ability to adapt.”

Klay Thompson ruptured his Achilles in November of 2020 as the Warriors were gearing up for their season after the NBA bubble. That gives him nearly a year of rehab to make his on-court return. While Thompson is expected to make a full recovery, how he performs when he finally takes the court is another amtter.

“I would be optimistic that he’s going to be able to get back and compete at a high level again,” said Dr. Michael G. Ciccotti, director of sports medicine and research at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, an outside consultant for the Philadelphia Sixers and Eagles as well as the Phillies' medical director. “But his ability to perform precisely at where he was before? That is something that only time will tell.”

Whether or not he'll be the All-Star he once was, Klay Thompson is on his way back. Warriors fans will be behind him regardless.