Under Armour is taking advantage of the technological advances nowadays with the release of the Curry 4 “More Dubs” this weekend. They have found a way to lessen the lines in stores, by utilizing social media and a special delivery device in specific locations.

Drones were used by the shoe and apparel manufacturers in a digital scavenger hunt for buyers. They had to follow them on Instagram to retrieve some QR codes and then locate the secret drop spots within San Francisco where they will receive their pairs.


Under Armour has certainly raised the bar when it comes to signature shoe releases. Unlike the other giants in the business, their unique way of selling kicks has been very interactive. It also prevents people from overcrowding physical stores and camping out, which has been the practice for sneakerheads the past years.

It remains to be seen if their competitors will also opt for a different way of selling new releases. Should they do, they will need to be more creative, as Under Armour has done a good job at planning their own strategy.