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Yes, of course the Warriors are trying to trade for another superstar

Warriors trade

Armed with two lottery picks and other trade assets (such as James Wiseman), many expect the Golden State Warriors to try to trade for another superstar player to help out Stephen Curry and Co after a disappointing 2020-21 campaign. The rumors are already going around that this is their preferred strategy, and Draymond Green has hinted on multiple occasions the possibility of going after a proven star.

Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations Kirk Lacob addressed the rumors on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. Lacob came right out and said that of course Golden State is looking into making a big splash trade.

Via NBC Sports Bay Area’s Grant Liffman:

“Absolutely. No question. Why wouldn’t we? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing our job,” Lacob bluntly said.

The Warriors’ front office wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t exploring every possible avenue to improve the roster around Curry, which Lacob made sure to highlight. They owe it to their superstar to do that much, and they have some tools at their disposal to make a big move.

Of course, while there are rumors going around, that doesn’t mean anything is imminent or that everything out there is exactly true:

“Those reports are not always true though. Look at the wording of the reports. Sometimes it is ‘expect the Warriors to call’ or ‘I think the Warriors will call’ and then it becomes ‘the Warriors called.’ But yes, the reality is we almost always [call]. We call about things the general public does not know about, like rumors we are hearing, and sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not.”

Whatever is true, we know the Warriors will be manning the phones and looking to pounce on a big trade if something becomes a possibility. The 2021 NBA Draft is now under two weeks away, so buckle up.